Alan Hoover, Marine Veteran- “You Don’t Send a Lamb to Fight a Wolf, You Send a Lion”

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Republican Alan Hoover is running for Congress in Michigan’s 8th District. But he’s not your average politician looking for accolades – he’s running for office because he has encountered many constituents who feel their voices are not being heard. And he’s a force to be reckoned with – he’s a Marine Veteran, a lion at heart, ready to take on those who would destroy America.

Alan Hoover is a Gunnery Sergeant in the Marine Corps Reserve, where he has served for 20 years.  He is an Advanced Foreign Security Force Advisor for the Corps,  and has deployed five times – to the Middle East 3 times, Burundi in Africa in 2012, and Asia.

Alan in the Middle East- photo provided

Alan Hoover in his dress blues – Photo provided

[Disclaimer: photographs in uniform do not imply the endorsement of  the US Marine Corps or Department of Defense]

He is a leader who has earned certifications and awards from both the US military and foreign governments. He is currently working on his MBA in Business Administration. He understands technology, business, and the values of Americans. When we spoke to him on Saturday, he was walking door to door explaining why people should vote for him. He is most certainly not afraid of hard work.

Alan was instrumental in leading a team of Student Veterans for America (SVA) to encourage passage of H.R. 3230, which changed the tuition rates for veterans to in-state tuition, saving taxpayers millions of dollars. You can read more about his background here at his website, His Facebook page is here, and his Twitter account @hoover_8 is here.

The Issues

We asked him what his top issues were for the 8th District.

Voices not being heard

“First, I’ve encountered many constituents who are upset that no one is listening to them. I want to restore their voices.”

Alan wants to be an advocate for Americans first. He understands the difficulties of ordinary citizens, having grown up in a poor family. He desires to help families, create opportunities, and promote the freedoms guaranteed under the Constitution. He has encountered people who feel that the politicians are not listening and don’t care about them.

Individual rights under attack

“Next, the Second Amendment ‘shall not be infringed.’ The right to keep and bear arms is one of the most important issues of our time.”

Michigan’s Governor is in favor of red flag laws and keeping so-called “assault weapons” off the market. Freshman Rep Democrat Elissa Slotkin, GySgt Hoover’s opponent, also has a history of advocating for gun control. Slotkin served under the Obama administration in several capacities- which makes her part of the problem with politicians. She states on her website:

“But I also believe we need to be honest that gun violence presents a serious national security and public health issue. And it is precisely because of my experience both operating firearms and working in national security that I believe we must pass common-sense gun safety legislation. We must prohibit terrorists, the mentally ill, and domestic abusers from obtaining guns. And as an Army wife, I do not believe ordinary citizens should be able to easily obtain weapons or materiel that allow them to outgun their local police or military.

Mass shootings and gun violence are a threat to the security of our families, our communities, and our schools. No parent should fear for their child’s safety after dropping them off for class. I believe the only person who should carry a weapon in a school is a trained, security professional, hired by the school to be there. We’ve seen longstanding inaction from our representatives in Congress to move forward on common-sense legislation. Failing to do all we can to protect our children is a failure to put the public first – and in my view, a dereliction of duty to address one of the nation’s pressing security issues.”

The typical Democrat approach uses buzz words like “common sense legislation” – designed to sound good while doing absolutely nothing to reduce either crime or mass shootings. Trying to stop “ordinary citizens” from purchasing weapons that Democrats call “assault weapons” is  totally against the Constitution – and it’s a fight that Alan Hoover is ready to take on.

 Pro-life approach

“There is a 92% chance that a combat veteran will survive a deployment to a combat zone. There is only an 81% chance of a baby surviving its mother’s womb. I will stand for life against the killing of the unborn.”

Alan Hoover is appalled at the deaths of so many innocent children from abortion. As a combat veteran who has seen service members maimed and killed, he knows the importance of life itself. He will fight for the innocent.

We asked him if he had anything to tell America.

“A US Representative is supposed to represent the American citizen above all else. America must come first. When their voices are involuntarily silenced, it’s time to make a change.” GySgt Alan Hoover


Featured Photo: provided by Alan Hoover Campaign


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  • steven

    Very well written. direct and informative. Will you be writing a follow -up on Gunny and promoting this warrior? We need more pro active people like gunny

  • Col. Mark C. Gerhard, USMCR (Ret.)

    I am a constituent of Michigan’s 8th Congressional District and a retired Colonel of Marines. Currently, I am being “represented” by Elissa Slotkin, who has proven to be a completely unsatisfactory, ideologically radical progressive mouthpiece for the most left leaning policies of the so-called Socialist Democrats. I met Gunnery Sergeant Hoover some time ago, and immediately realized he is of the highest moral character, and a constitutional conservative that aligns with traditional American values well above any of his contemporaries. Gunny Hoover is exactly what Michigan’s 8th District needs, and overmore the moral compass that will be a driving force in bringing our next Congress back to President Trump’s vision of a renewed faith in our Republic, and as a beacon of what is good and righteous. I have proudly, formally endorsed Alan Hoover in his candidacy for the Republican nomination for Congress, which has been my utmost honor to do, and will be extremely happy when he sends Elissa Slotkin packing in November! I am confident and enthusiastic that Rep. Alan Hoover will restore the honor and integrity of my district to the hallowed halls of Congress and allow our voice to be heard once again.

  • Michael A Martin

    You sound like the man my district desperately needs for replacing E Slotkin. Pro-life, pro-Second Amendment, etc. We so desperately need a good family man, a good American in whom we can have great pride and trust. And being a Veteran myself, someone who can listen to my problems, should I have any. I pray that your name will be the Republican opponent to send Ms Slotkin packing.

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