Alabama Mom Who Joined ISIS Wants to Come Home

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Hoda Muthana is an Alabama mom who left in 2014 to join ISIS. She used money given to her for college to trick her parents so she could fly to Syria. Now she wants to ‘come home’ with her 18 month old son. It doesn’t work that way. She will likely face charges if she does manage to manipulate her way back to the states.

Some of her thoughts under a now deleted Twitter account “@ZumarulJannah” told people to spill American blood, and incited people to kill Obama. captured these screenshots:

She wrote on this post: “Bonfire soon. No need for these anymore!”

Of course she is playing on the sympathy of Americans and says she “made a mistake.” Three husbands, one son later, she is reportedly living in a refugee camp in Northern Syria, according to She is supposedly the only American at the refugee camp. Making a ‘mistake’ is one thing, actively attempting to incite violence against Americans is quite another. There’s also the issue of brainwashing:

“She needs to be held accountable for her mistakes and monitored very carefully. She spent four years of her life being brainwashed in this horrific ideology of hatred, and she’s tried to incite more and more violence on her countrymen.” Diane Foley, mother of beheaded journalist James Foley to Fox News

Bringing her “home” could lead to a tragic mistake. Brainwashing is very real. She is not the same woman who left after high school. She lied to her parents, who reportedly are not extremists, and hopped a plane to Syria instead of taking more business classes. She quickly “assimilated” into the radical ISIS culture, marrying an Australian Jihadi. When he was killed, she married again and had a son. When he too was killed, she married a third time. In all of that, she adopted their hateful rhetoric, as evidenced by the above tweets.

The closest she should get to “home” is Guantanamo Bay. We hear it’s nice this time of year.

Here’s Rick Ferran on this issue:

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