Alabama Ford Dealer Yanks Ad Because of Gun Giveaway

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An Alabama Ford Dealer had to yank one of their ads because they were planning to give a gun, a Bible, and an American flag to everyone who bought a new or “certified pre-owned” pickup. Ford Motor Company wasn’t fond of the plan to give away a gun.

The Chatom Ford dealership in Chatom, Alabama, was planning to give away a shotgun, American Flag, and a Bible to everyone who purchased a pickup. They had no idea that their marketing idea would travel outside of Chatom. Or they were painfully unaware of the nature of social media. The ad quickly went viral.

The dealership only has 3 sales personnel. But the response to the ad overwhelmed the small rural dealership. They usually sell about 360 trucks per year. They were giving away a gift certificate good at any gun store for a 12 gauge shotgun.

Ford Motor Company found out about the Alabama Ford Dealer gun giveaway and put the kibosh on the idea.

“So it’s done. They’ve ended our promotion. I’m very disappointed…Ford said we can fulfill our commitments to the customers that we’ve made up till now, but we have to cease it going forward.” Colin Ward, General Mgr Chatom Ford

Now they’ve just left it as a gift certificate for anything the customer wants.

According to the Detroit Free Press, “The automaker told the dealership late Wednesday that the promotion was inappropriate after three people died Tuesday evening during a mass shooting at a California Ford dealership. There, a man who had been  fired from his job at the dealership in the San Francisco Bay Area fatally shot two employees, then himself, according to local media reports.”

The ad was originally put online on June 21. It was just as quickly taken down and replaced after it had about a quarter million views. The new ad offers an American Flag, a Bible, and a $200 gift certificate. Here is the new ad, called “God, Glory, and Freedom.”

What was an ingenious idea in a small rural Alabama town fell to worries over the image of giving a shotgun away. The dealership says if you want a Torah, he’ll buy you a Torah, or a Koran, he’ll find one of those. His intent was not to discriminate, it was to sell trucks.

  • Mark Zuckerburg

    Ford Motor Company should have Not told the dealership they couldn’t give away shotguns.
    Truth is FMC was afraid they would get backlash from the Democrats, who everyone knows want to due away with the 2nd Amendment. The dealership should have told FMC to shove it, and offered a Flag, Bible and a AR15 with every purchase of a new Ford Pickup!

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