Al-Shabab Attacked US Military Base in Somalia

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The terror group Al-Shabab attacked a US military base in Somalia on Monday that is used to launch drones, according to media reports. A separate attack also hit an Italian convoy in Mogadishu.

The Baledogle Air base is used to train Somali soldiers and launch drones. A vehicle packed with explosives was reportedly the method a suicide bomber used. Al-Shabab attacked with fighters that stormed the facility, but supposedly did not penetrate it.

“The US base is located in the south of the East African nation, about 100 kilometers (62 miles) northwest of Mogadishu. American forces use the base to train Somali commando units.
Abdifitah Haji Abdulle, deputy governor of the Lower Shabelle region, said fighters detonated explosives at the entrance of the base before attempting to storm the premises. He added that fighting took place outside the camp, which houses US and Somali soldiers. There was no immediate report of casualties.
Somali National Army Radio reported that Somali forces and their US partners had “repelled” the coordinated terrorist assault.”
Al-Shabab claimed responsibility for the attack, and said they killed 121 US soldiers and 12 Israelis. They also stated they destroyed 5 US aircraft. US Officials stated no casualties. Since there was an immediate airstrike after the attack…they likely stretched the truth a bit.

Italy’s foreign ministry stated that two of their light armored vehicles with the EU peacekeeping mission were hit in Mogadishu.

The US retaliated with an airstrike that killed 10 jihadists.

The Jerusalem Post reported,

“In response to this attack and in self-defense, U.S Africa Command conducted two airstrikes and used small arms fire targeting al-Shabaab terrorists. It is assessed U.S. and partner forces killed ten terrorists and destroyed one vehicle involved in the attack.” US military statement
The military added that no U.S. or partner forces were injured in the al Shabaab attack.

Featured photo: screenshot via Twitter @SahanPost


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