Al-Shabaab Terror Group Attacks Hotel in Mogadishu

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Al-Shabaab Terror Group Attacks Hotel in Mogadishu

A terrorist attack on the Ambassador Hotel in Mogadishu, Somalia on Wednesday left at least 16 dead and 55 wounded. The Al-Shabaab terror group claimed responsibility. Somali Special Forces ended the attack, killing the fighters and clearing every floor of the hotel. The hotel was extensively damaged in the bomb blast.


The hotel had extensive damage- photo via Yahoo news


Photo from thae attack via the

Gunmen set off a car bomb at the beginning of the attack. Gunfire reportedly could still be heard by Thursday morning, as police combed the hotel on all floors, searching for the terrorists.

Two Somali lawmakers were killed during the attack, and most of the dead were civilians.

Al-Qaeda Affiliate

Al-Shabaab is a terror group affiliated with al-Qaeda. It has been active in Africa, with attacks from Kenya to Uganda. They have targeted favorite tourist areas, shopping malls, hotels, parks, restaurants…they are not concerned with harming civilians.

Theirs are wars of instability- if you can make a government unstable, then you can seize the government. They were pushed out of Mogadishu in 2011 by the African Union peacekeeping force, AMICOM, but have killed many since then in various places.

Were they targeting Turkey’s President?

Al -Jazeera reported,

The attack happened shortly before the arrival of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Mogadishu.

Al Jazeera’s Mohammed Adow, reporting from Nairobi in neighbouring Kenya, said the Ambassador Hotel is located along the road that Erdogan “was supposed to take from the airport to the presidential palace”.

He said the attack “has the signature of al-Shabab”, adding that it was not the first time the hotel, popular with politicians, was targeted.

“They want to send a message that although they might have lost control of the city, they can still carry out such attacks with audacity,” he said.

The spokesman for Al-Shabaab, Abu Musab, told Reuters that they had killed “30 apostates” and wounded 60, which is far higher than the government’s figures. Al-Shabaab has a way of twisting the numbers to their advantage for propaganda purposes.



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