Al-Qaeda Poked ISIS in Online Bloopers.

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This week Al-Qaeda poked ISIS when they released a video of bloopers, er, “outtakes” from an ISIS fighter who was attempting to say his vows. He encountered a bit of a problem in the attempt, thanks to a loud squawking bird. The video was apparently an attempt to mock the Islamic group, and was titled: “The Hollywood reality of al-Baghdadi group – Part 2.” Dr Elisabeth Kendall titled it “Black Squawk Down.”

The ISIS fighter keeps forgetting his pledge. He was identified as Abu Muhammad al-Adeni. In the video he says, “All praises are due to Allah alone, and peace and blessings upon our Prophet Muhammad.” Or rather, he was supposed to say that. His comrade encourages him to “Stay calm, keep cool.” But the loud bird made him forget. Bird brain.

Dr Elisabeth Kendall found the video online. She is from Oxford University’s Pembroke College, and had a bit of fun with the hapless ISIS fighter:

Al-Qaeda poked ISIS previously

Business Insider stated:

The footage may have been found by al-Qaeda operatives when they took over an ISIS camp in northwestern al-Bayda, Yemen, earlier this summer, Kendall told Business Insider.

Footage from a different part of the shoot later made it into an actual ISIS propaganda video, released in September 2017. It shows a series of young recruits gathering together, celebrating, affirming their vows to the caliphate, and eating.

Maybe eating the poor bird? Who knows. But it does serve to remind people that ISIS may have lost territory but they’re still around.

According to the Telegraph UK, who uploaded the video to YouTube, the full footage was originally published in 2017 by ISIS in Yemen. Al Qaeda selectively edited it and released it this week.

The Islamic State and al-Qaeda have been waging a deadly contest for territory, recruits and influence in Yemen, where both are battling the Shia Iran-backed Houthi militants.

An online propaganda war has ensued, with both groups releasing competing online propaganda and social media...

However, offline, in recent months, the fighting has escalated. Isil has deployed suicide bombers against al-Qaeda positions.

Featured photo: Screenshot via Dr Elisabeth Kendall on Twitter


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