Airstrikes Destroy 2 Hospitals in Syria

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Airstrikes Destroy 2 Hospitals in Syria

Airstrikes reportedly in support of Bashar al-Assad struck  two Doctors-without-Borders (MSF) hospitals in Syria on Monday. As of Tuesday, the death toll at Maarat al-Numan stood at 11, but was expected to go higher. A children’s hospital and school in Azaz was also struck on Monday, killing at least 14. Either Russian or Assad’s forces are being blamed for the attacks.



“The destruction of the hospital leaves the local population of around 40,000 people without access to medical services in an active zone of conflict.” Massimiliano Rebaudengo, MSF Head of Mission

The 30-bed hospital in Maarat al-Numan had 54 staff, two operating rooms, an outpatient department and emergency room.  It was struck by 4 rockets in two attacks, minutes apart. MSF (Médecins Sans Frontières) officials stated that there were about 15 buildings hit in the airstrike.

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Damage to the MSF hospital in Syria – Twitter Photo via MSF

At the time of the airstrike in Maarat al-Numna, 25 MSF staff members were in the  hospital, 5 of them confirmed casualties. Three have been recovered from the rubble, and 2 are still missing. The others survived.

The charity was unsure if it would re-open the facilities in other locations.

The ‘Cease Fire’

The U.S./Russia announcement on Friday of a ‘cease fire’ may have gone by the wayside before it’s implemented.

“There can’t be a cease-fire without a goal or a time. So far they say they want a cease-fire within a week. Who is capable of gathering all these conditions and requirements within a week? Nobody.” Syrian President Assad

Better yet, who can negotiate “cease-fires” with radical Islamists like ISIS or al-Qaeda or even Assad himself? Can’t be done.

The U.S. State Department was quick to release a condemnation of the attacks, stating that it revealed “doubt on Russia’s willingness and/or ability to help bring to a stop the continued brutality of the Assad regime against its own people.”


But the mishmash of nations that have allied against each other in Syria is almost a kind of World War III,according to the Washington Post, with ‘proxy’ wars being fought on nearly every level.

The Washington Post wrote,

Russian warplanes are bombing from the sky. Iraqi and Lebanese militias aided by Iranian advisers are advancing on the ground. An assortment of Syrian rebels backed by the United States, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar are fighting to hold them back. Kurdish forces allied both to Washington and Moscow are taking advantage of the chaos to extend Kurdish territories. The Islamic State has snatched a couple of small villages, while all the focus was on the other groups.

The so-called cease-fire is to go into effect sometime later this week. If anyone pays attention to it.

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