Air Force Veteran Who Set Himself on Fire Died on July 2

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On June 26, Air Force Veteran John Michael Watts, 58, attached fireworks to his chest, doused himself with flammable liquid, and set himself on fire on June 26 in front of the Georgia State Capital in Atlanta, as we previously reported. He was transported to the hospital with burns over 85-90% of his body. He died on July 2.

Watts is only one of many veterans who have chosen a violent end out of frustration and giving up. Please do not give up.

Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children‘s Founder Rick Ferran had this to say on a video posted to YouTube.

“How bad does it have to get for a Veteran to publicly douse himself with fire to get the medical attention they deserve? This veteran’s name is John Michael Watts, he was a 58 year old Air Force Veteran. I want you to remember his name. This video while graphic is not being shared in all the Veteran communities, it’s not being talked about in the media like the illegal invasion we are seeing.

A 2015 report showed that over 307,000 Veterans have died waiting for VA Care and these are just conservative numbers, I fear the number is much higher. These numbers do not represent the suicide of 22 veterans per day, approximately 6,500 veterans per year. More Veterans have committed suicide than the total number of our fallen since 2001.

Why? Because many of our Veterans feel the country, the system, the government they have fought for and defended has let them down. This is the subject no one wants to talk about. We veterans are humble, we don’t ask for much and all of us have a sense of responsibility. Our Country asked from us everything and we gave them the best years of our lives, to have to beg to be helped in return is a destruction of one’s dignity.

It doesn’t matter if you are a Democrat or a Republican, the fact of the matter is that neither of these establishments has done and will ever do enough for our veterans. We Veterans must unite under one voice to stop the continued murder of our fellow Veterans. We keep hearing of the opioid crisis, but I have yet to hear what is been done about Big Pharma’s responsibility and our VA system being used to systematically kill our Veterans.

Now we hear that our government is using 1.9 Billion dollars to house, feed, and give medical care to over 20,000 illegals to be housed on Military bases across the United States. How come we never did this for our own American Citizens? What about our homeless Veterans? Does a Veteran need to become an illegal to receive half of the attention or the benefits the illegals get?”

For you who are veterans: no matter how ridiculous the government may be, DON’T GIVE UP.  Don’t destroy your life out of frustration or anger. Whether or not the government does what is says it will do is irrelevant: there are people who care about you. Don’t sit alone and focus on your problems, work on positive solutions. Remember your training to move ahead in spite of the enemy’s tactics. You are just on a different kind of battlefield.  Your life matters!


Graphic: Featured photo- screenshot of police dashcam video from Georgia incident  WARNING: Graphic Video

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