Air Force Mistake That Allowed Devin Kelley To Buy Guns

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Questions arose about how in the world Devin Kelley was allowed to purchase 4 guns when he had a dishonorable discharge and conviction for domestic violence. The answer? Someone in the Air Force failed to enter his name and information into the Federal Database at CJIS. Anyone with a conviction for Domestic Violence is not allowed to purchase guns or even possess them.  It was a mistake that cost many lives.

Kelley served a year in the Naval Consolidated Brig in California, after which he received a dishonorable discharge. He was convicted in 2012 of beating his wife and fracturing his stepson’s skull – on purpose. He served a year in the brig, then discharged in 2014. The mass shooting could have been prevented.

Fox News reported,

At issue is the Lautenberg Amendment, enacted by Congress in 1996. The federal law was designed to prohibit people convicted of domestic violence from buying or possessing a firearm regardless of whether the crime was a felony or a misdemeanor. 

The Air Force “has launched a review of how the Service handled the criminal records of former Airman” Kelley, Stefanek said in the statement. The statement also noted the Air Force will investigate all of its databases “to ensure records in other cases have been reported correctly.”

The Air Force said it’s asked the Pentagon Inspector General to “review records and procedures across the Department of Defense.”

This is one of those cases where paperwork is extremely important. If one step gets missed, bad things can happen. One missing piece of paper, one missing computer entry, one small thing can lead to much bigger things…like loss of life.

As a person who was in charge of those who entered such information, I know the level of responsibility of it. It only takes one screw up to destroy lives. The FBI stringently audits every contributor on a regular basis to make sure the entries are correct. In this case, there was no entry to audit.

Holloman Air Force Base Office of Special Investigations were the ones responsible per Pentagon directives to enter his information into the FBI’s Criminal Justice System so that it would be in the Federal database for background checks to buy weapons. The information never made it.

Governor Abbott also mentioned that Kelley had been denied a Texas gun permit.

“He was rejected either because he did not fully answer all the questions that are required to get a Texas gun permit, or he answered those questions wrong, that we still don’t know.” Texas Governor Greg Abbott

Kelley’s former friends described him as a “creepy, crazy, and weird” atheist. He killed his step-grandmother in the carnage, murdered children and adults, destroyed the lives of church members in a small town, and literally shot up the church so badly it may never be repaired. The victims of his horror are scarred for life, all because of a missing computer entry.


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