Air Force Loses a Box of Grenades. They Want Them Back.

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The US Air Force is missing a box of grenades from the Minot Air Force Base. A security team from the 91st Missile Wing was travelling between missile sites when the grenades fell off their Humvee. The loss occurred on May 1, according to the Pioneer Press. The panic ensued not long thereafter. But the public disclosure came 10 days after the munitions were lost. The Air Force Office of Special Operations is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to the grenades recovery.

The Humvee was driving over gravel roads four miles west of Parshall when the back hatch of the vehicle opened and the container fell out. The USAF sent over 100 men to walk the entire length of the route taken by the Humvee, but could not locate the missing munitions.

The danger

As long as the container is intact, the Air Force says the munitions are safe. But should the container have been damage during its “ground deployment” all bets are off. Mountrail County Sheriff Ken Halvorson issued a press release to protect the citizens, since the Air Force waited so long to tell anyone.

The Pioneer Press reported,

“If the ammunition is located and is damaged, the area should be evacuated and people should call 911 or the Minot Munitions Reporting Hotline at 701-723-7909.

The missing ammunition is a belt of grenade rounds, contained in a green metal ammo container, that is meant for use with an MK19 machine gun grenade launcher, the Mountrail County Sheriff’s Office said Friday afternoon. The ammunition will not operate in any other launching device.

The green metal container weighs 42 pounds with dimensions of 18½ inches by 6 inches by 10 inches, Humphries said.

The explosives were lost on 76th Avenue Northwest, somewhere between 33rd Street Northwest and Highway 23, the sheriff’s office said.”  

At this point the investigation is not a criminal one. But if someone took the munitions for themselves that will change.


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