Agua Dulce School District: Staff may be armed, leave our students alone!

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Nueces County, Texas: Agua Dulce School District used to have signs that said, “This is a weapon, tobacco, and alcohol free zone.” But new signs  have been erected that will be much more effective against an active shooter:

“Please be aware that the staff of Agua Dulce ISD may be armed and are willing to use whatever force is necessary to protect our students.”

NOW you’re talking. So far Agua Dulce parents are happy about the program. They all share one specific goal: keep their children safe.

The school district plans to get more signs out in the coming days.

Only the school superintendent and selected law enforcement know who’s carrying. The school also goes to great lengths to keep the firearms away from the children.

In Agua Dulce, police response time can be up to 30 minutes. It only takes seconds for disaster to strike

“It sends a strong message do not mess with our little ones do not try to harm our students.” Wayne Kelly, Agua Dulce ISD Superintendent

The Texas Guardian program was instituted  in 2014 after Sandy Hook. It covertly trains specific school employees as “marshals” that can respond to an emergency such as an active shooter in the classroom. There are many rules to follow, but this is a great program for stopping the bad guys.

agua dulce

The Texas Guardian program, school staff training to protect students – file photo

KRIStv 6 reported,

These staff members have to undergo a psychological background and they have to get a special license from the state along with an 80-hour training class. 

“The Texas Commission of Law Enforcement, they wanted to make sure if schools wanted to do this that they could get the best training possible. In that training you are trained by SWAT people,” said Kelly. 

The armed school teachers have to follow specific guidelines by the state to keep the weapons away from students.

“It would be very difficult for any child to be hurt by any weapon on our campus,” said Kelly. 

Just the opposite for bad guys.

As more and more schools across the country adopt the idea that staff should be trained and ready in case of disaster, there will be less and less mass killings at schools.

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