After 4 days of Wisconsin Recount…Trump Still Wins

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So after 4 days of Jill Stein’s demand for recount of Wisconsin votes, the margin really did shift… Trump picked up 39 more votes. Stein? She was never in the running in the first place. Why ANY court or State is allowing this is beyond our wildest comprehension. She’s obviously doing this at the behest of Hillary Clinton and her gang of crooks. Or she’s plain pathological.

So what was the purpose? Tie up the election results so that the electoral college cannot meet on December 19. 


The Green Party pulled its plan to re-do Pennsylvania, but Stein says she is escalating the push for recount in that state by going to the Federal Court instead on Monday. A State Court judge had imposed a $1 Million bond requirement on the Stein recount because Pennsylvania’s recounts require intensive effort on the part of over 9000 precincts.

She seriously didn’t like that, because it cut into her recount budget.

“On Monday, I will escalate #Recount2016 in PA and file to demand a statewide recount on constitutional grounds. The people deserve answers.” Jill Stein

You know what the people really deserve? To have all these sore loser “Progressives” shut up so we can get on with the process of getting a new President. By the time she is done playing political games, it could cost around $12 Million. For absolutely nothing.

Making up stories- another act of desperation

As for Wisconsin, a Stein supporter claimed that “observers” of the election found “broken seals” on some voting machines in St. Croix county. The claim is unproven, and the machines shown in the images linked from Jill Stein’s supporter network are not the machines used by St. Croix County, according to election officials there.


The State of Michigan recount is currently tied up in the courts. Stein wants the recount to begin immediately, but it was slated to begin on Wednesday. Both the Michigan State Attorney General and Trump’s attorneys have filed a counter lawsuit to stop the recount entirely, which is a separate court action.

On Sunday, Dec 4,  a court judge listened to arguments and left the decision at “pending.” He said he would return to the bench later in the afternoon to tell the court what his decision will be. By law, Stein has to show that she will suffer “irreparable harm” if the recount doesn’t begin until Wednesday. She should just go…be …green. She’s wasting a lot of paper here.

The left is responsible for turning this into a circus. Wish we could get to January 20, 2017 a lot faster. By now, I’m pretty sick of left wing stupid.


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