Afghanistan Compromise with Taliban – Released Hundreds of Taliban Prisoners

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One thing we know about Taliban prisoners: if they get released, they go back to the battlefield, or “negotiating” teams that end up in stalemates. Afghanistan compromise with the Taliban has now resulted in the release of hundreds of prisoners – with no preconditions or rules to follow.

The Long War Journal reported:

In an effort to convince the Taliban to open negotiations, the Afghan government has freed hundreds of Taliban prisoners without conditions, and will free hundreds more. The Taliban has not responded to the prisoner release, and continues to refuse to negotiate with the Afghan government.

The Afghan government confirmed that 490 Taliban fighters and commanders have been released since the beginning of June, TOLONews reported. A total of 887 prisoners, all members of the Taliban, are slated to be released during the observance of Eid al Fitr, National Security Advisor Hamdullah Mohib confirmed.

The Taliban prisoners were released unconditionally. They are not required to denounce the Taliban or promise to quit the fight against the Afghan government. Historically, Taliban prisoners who have been freed from Afghan prisons have returned to the battlefield.

Afghanistan compromise

The Afghan government claims they’ve vetted the prisoners and “measures have been taken” to ensure they do not pose a security threat or rejoin the Taliban, according to the VOA. They have not stated what those “measures” might be.

The action was taken as a “goodwill” gesture in hopes of bringing the Taliban to the negotiating table. The Taliban have consistently refuse to openly negotiate with the Afghan government. And their participation with the United States in any negotiations has been rocky from the start. They claim to only negotiate with the Afghan government if all foreign troops leave the country.

Meanwhile, they have continued their campaigns of terror against the people of Afghanistan.

Breitbart reported,

Breitbart News determined that the Taliban, which encouraged its fighters and supporters to engage in jihad during the holy month and argued that they would be doubly rewarded in heaven, turned out to be the most prolific and the deadliest terrorist group in the Muslim world on Ramadan 2019 after it refused Ghani’s offer for a repeat of the historic truce last year during the same period.

The Afghan Taliban carried out 75 attacks during the holiest month for Muslims, killing 369 local security forces and civilians and wounding 389 others, Breitbart News tally showed.

Negotiating with terrorist groups like the Taliban is like negotiating with a spitting Cobra – at any moment it could spit in your eye and blind you just before it bites.

Featured photo: screenshot via VOA

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