Afghan Policeman opens fire at Kabul Airport

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Reports out of Kabul, Afghanistan say that an Afghan police officer opened fire at the airport, killing one and wounding several others. The suspect, Khan Agha, was trained by the United States.

Today was the day an Afghan warlord was to fly to Kabul. But the motive for the shooting remains unclear…whether his plan was to shoot was many people as possible, or if he was acting on the idea that the crowd of supporters was a threat.

SOFREP reported,

Security was stepped up in recent days at Kabul’s International Airport ahead of the arrival of the controversial Afghan warlord Faryadi Sarwar Zardad also known as Zardad Khan. A former Mujahideen commander Zardad Khan made a name for himself fighting the Soviets in and around Jalalabad, but Zardad’s real gift was kidnapping, extortion, torture and eventual killing of foreigners in the mid to late 1990’s. He fled Afghanistan to the United Kingdom towards the end of 1998 to avoid a death sentence imposed on him by the Taliban and opened a pizza shop in rural England. There he was tracked down by the Scotland Yard and eventually arrested by British authorities. He was then tried and sentenced to 20 years in an English prison for his torture and kidnapping exploits in Afghanistan in 2005.

Zardad Khan was to arrive at the Kabul airport today after the British deported him after serving the majority of his 20 years sentence. Afghan police increased security at the airport as a large group of armed Zardad Khan supporters along with some of his fellow warlords began showing up and lining the street along the airports main road to celebrate his release and welcome the warlord home.

An investigation has been opened by Afghan police.


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