Afghan Army Chief, Defense Minister Quit as Mattis Arrives for Talks

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Secretary of Defense James Mattis arrived in Afghanistan on Monday to talk about the next steps for the United States with regard to the war that has been going on there for over a decade.  On the same day, Afghan Defense Minister Abdullah Habibi and Army Chief of Staff Qadam Shah Shahim turned in their resignations after the single most devastating attack on the nation on Saturday.

The killing of 144 Afghans on April 22 by the Taliban served to remind the Afghan Army that someone likely helped the group of fighters kill their own people. According to Military Times,

“The official said it appears likely the attack was either carried out by or planned by a Pakistan-based Taliban faction known as the Haqqani network, which is a U.S. government-designated terrorist organization. The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity in order to discuss intelligence matters, added the assault likely took four to six months to plan and that it was also likely the attackers had help in advance from Afghan troops on the base.” 

photo of attack victims’ caskets provided by a friend in Afghanistan

Into that mess comes Taliban leaders who declare, “This year will be painful.” Russia and Iran are said to support the Taliban, which only makes matters worse. With ISIS gaining footholds across Afghanistan and the Taliban doing the same, the US needs to dump Obama’s policy and dump it now.

Enter…Trump’s Defense team. 

Lt Gen H.R. McMaster went to Afghanistan last week. Today, in an unannounced visit, Secretary of Defense Mattis arrived for talks with Afghan and American officials.

“We are under no illusions about the challenges associated with this mission.” Secretary of Defense James Mattis

Army Gen. John Nicholson, in charge of Afghanistan troops, has requested an undisclosed number of US troops to “train” the Afghan Army.

Let’s be real here: not only do members of their army betray their own as in the attack on Saturday, but they are known for turning on Americans as well (known as ‘green on blue’ killings). We’ve been “training” them for years with very mixed results.

So what will Mattis come up with? His nickname was CHAOS (which he prefers to “mad dog.”). It stands for “Colonel Has An Outstanding Solution.” We hope the SecDef can find one.



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