Aer Lingus Airlines – Man goes batty on flight, bites passenger then dies

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Update- According to KXLY, the ‘flying biter ‘ yesterday had a pouch of cocaine burst in his stomach.

KXLY wrote,

John Kennedy Santos Gurjao, a Brazilian national, ingested 80 wrapped pellets of the drugs, and one of the pellets burst, making him ill.

The drugs’ street value was estimated at about $63,000, the Irish Times reported.

Original story

An Aer Lingus flight from Lisbon, Portugal to Dublin, Ireland had to make an emergency landing after a passenger became violent, bit at least one other passenger, then died.

Flight El 485 made an emergency landing at Cork Airport  after they radioed that one of their passengers, a 24 year old male,  had “run amok” about an hour into the flight and bit a passenger, possibly two. Airline personnel restrained him and a doctor on board assisted in helping the man. Soon after, the person fell into unconsciousness and was dead prior to the emergency landing.

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Off the plane and a bus ride

The Irish Mirror wrote:

All 168 passengers and six crew members were moved off the plane and into the airport.

Airport paramedics and a HSE ambulance responded to the scene after the captain declared the incident a medical emergency mid-flight.

It is also understood a second man was injured during a biting incident, as he tried to help the deceased.

The injured man was taken to hospital following the emergency landing.

Reports tonight said Gardai were at the airport investigating the incident and speaking to some of the passengers about what happened in the cabin.

The deceased was travelling alone and it is not believed he was Irish, but may have been studying in the country.

The passengers were due to be bused form the Cork Airport to Dublin.

What was the cause?

Did the passenger who died have some sort of substance abuse issue? Overdoses and substance abuse can cause outbursts of violence such as the incident describes. An autopsy is planned to make a determination as to the cause of death.

For the sake of the two passengers bitten, we’re hoping it wasn’t a zombie issue.

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