Adam Putnam is Planning the Future of Florida’s Military, Defense, and Veterans

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Frontrunner Florida gubernatorial candidate Adam Putnam is laser-focused on making Florida the most military and veteran-friendly state in the nation. Unlocking this status will prove to be a win for Florida’s economy. The key to improving the state’s success in this respect, he says, is not exactly what you’d think: land conservation.

But hear Adam out…

Unlocking Florida’s Potential

One way to stay ahead of the any Base Closure and Realignment Commission (BRAC) decisions to relocate Florida’s military bases is to BRAC-proof them. Simple right?

Since being elected Florida’s Commissioner of Agriculture in 2010, Adam has not only been leading the charge to BRAC-proof the state’s existing military infrastructure, but also putting Florida in position of offense better suited to take talent, investment, and missions.

This is the kind of leadership Florida so desperately needs. When Adam talks about giving our veterans and active duty members of the armed forces all that they deserve, he’s speaking to unlocking Florida’s potential and building a better future for the Sunshine State.

Adam’s Plan

A staggering $80 billion worth of economic activity related to Florida’s military and defense industries helps support nearly 775,000 Florida jobs, which accounts for nearly 10 percent of Florida’s economy. Adam says we can do even better and he has a plan to get Florida there.

Adam believes Florida’s natural resource policy can also be economic policy, military and BRAC-proofing policy. Making sure the state’s natural resource and conservation policy take into account military readiness and encroachment protections is part of Adam’s strategy to expand Florida’s military and defense job opportunities and economic activity.

One of Adam’s initiatives, The Rural and Family Land Protection Program, is used to acquire valuable agricultural land and protect it from further development while letting the private landowners continue their agricultural operations.

Building Upon Proven Success

This conservation priority has further BRAC-proofed Florida, and it’s all thanks to Adam’s persistence and leadership. Since 2015, Adam has worked with Governor Rick Scott to restrict future developments and help provide buffers to Naval Station Mayport in Jacksonville, Eglin Air Force Base in Valparaiso, and the Naval Support Activity Support facility in Panama City.

So now every time the feds evaluate Florida military bases, Adam has already made sure the BRAC boxes are checked. Adam is putting Florida on track to become virtually immune to any future base closures.

Given the expected economic success of his plan, Adam is expected to take on even more veteran- and military-related Florida First priorities when he becomes Florida’s next governor. Those include creating an education system that takes care of military dependents and maintaining a workforce development system that transitions veterans to civilians in a seamless and cost-effective way.


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