Actor James Woods Goes the Extra Mile to Save a Marine Veteran

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In a day and age in which many people in Hollywood have exchanged their hearts for political foolishness, one man does the exact opposite: Conservative actor James Woods. The Daily Wire reported that on Monday night, Woods did everything in his power to prevent a Marine veteran from committing suicide.

The veteran deleted his tweets and his account, but here are at least some of the tweets that James Woods sent during the exchange as he initiated a desperate search to find the man who threatened to end his life.

A man who happened to be following Mr. Woods on Twitter tweeted this to start it all:

“I’m on Twitter everyday, but this is the first tweet I’ve ever written. I’m good guy, I’m a veteran, I love America. I’m gonna kill myself tonight. I’ve lost everything I have nobody, nobody cares. I’m in a parking lot…”

At that point 7,750 people were following the situation.

Then some possible good news:

USA Today noted on Tuesday,

Maitland Police Public Information Officer Lt. Louis Y. Grindle informed USA TODAY Tuesday morning that authorities were able to reach MacMasters, though his whereabouts are unknown.”Our agency was able to make contact with him by phone earlier this morning, where he advised he was OK but did not wish to have contact with law enforcement,” the emailed statement read. “Our officers are still working to try and physically locate him to determine his well-being.”

As someone who has, over the years, attempted to find a suicidal person when you have no idea where they are, I can attest that it takes a lot of people to help in the search. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Mr Woods’ effort is amazing. According to the article in the Daily Wire, his father, Gail Peyton Woods was in Army Intelligence.

Mr. Woods is a well known Conservative and has 1.86 Million followers. During the California fires, he used his Twitter account to help families find each other and remind them to take care of their animals.

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