Activist Throws Glitter Bomb During Minnesota Rally

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Left-wing Activist Nick Espinosa bragged on Facebook about throwing a glitter bomb at Trump during the President’s Minnesota Rally on Thursday. He claims he was making it clear that Trump’s “hate” is not welcome in Minneapolis. (Who is the hater here?) The Secret Service wants a word with him. So far, he is dodging their requests and posting their attempts on his Facebook page.

“Trump’s secret service visited my home twice this morning, pounding on the door and ringing for several minutes. I of course did not answer.

Then they visited my family, and left a message on my cellphone asking to speak to me about yesterday’s glitterbomb at the Trump rally, which I forwarded to my lawyer.

It’s ridiculous that Trump’s secret service would spend public resources trying to intimidate someone for something as harmless as glitter. The real threat to Donald Trump’s presidency is Donald Trump himself.

If law enforcement comes knocking without a warrant, don’t answer. Stay vigilant and know your rights. We will not be silenced by intimidation tactics from Trump’s personal police force.” Nick Espinosa

Espinosa has a history of glitter bombing political figures. According to Pioneer Press, he dumped glitter on Newt Gingrich in 2011, and Mitt Romney in 2012.

The Secret Service has placed notes on his car, his home, and knocked on his neighbors’ doors. He refuses to answer.

Although you don’t have to answer the door to law enforcement just dropping by to ask a few questions, it very well could escalate. If he wants them to break in his door with a SWAT team and a warrant, he’s asking for it.

A glitter bomb seems harmless, since glitter is not toxic. But such items are monstrous to clean up and could get into your eyes.

Business Insider wrote:

Glitter bombing is typically an act of political protest in which activists dump glitter on their opponents — sometimes individuals who are opposed to same-sex marriage — in public. Some critics argue that glitter bombing is considered assault and battery, and doctors warn glitter bombs can enter the eyes and nose and can cause corneal damage.

Espinosa’s activist friends all supported his actions in the comments, many of them congratulating him for his glitter bomb.

Featured photo screenshot via Facebook– Nick Espinosa “Today I welcomed Donald Trump to Minneapolis the best way I know how, with a glitterbomb.” 


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  • Richard Manley

    Someone get me this sonofabitches address !

  • Jim

    I hope they catch and arrest him, its one thing to protest peacefully, its another to cause harm, destroy property, act out causing problems. If we do not start stopping this kind of irrational behavior, it’ll get worse

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