Active Shooter Survival Tips

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Columbine, Virginia Tech, Charleston, South Carolina, Newtown, Connecticut, San Bernardino, California. The list of active shooter incidents seems to grow daily. If there is one good thing about an active shooter event it’s the information law enforcement collects and uses not only to develop better containment and prevention methods, but to educate people in survival techniques.

A-D-D – Avoid-Deny-Defense

Obviously, each active shooter event is different, yet the best way to survive is to follow the A-D-D protocol- Avoid, Deny, Defend- that has been developed by training specialists.

As the word implies, “Avoid” refers to getting away from the scene where an active shooter is present. The best way to do that is to look for all available exits upon entering a building or specific area within a building.

If you can’t avoid, the next best option is to “Deny”access- don’t let the shooter get near you. Find an office or other area where you can position yourself behind a locked or barricaded door and stay out of sight.

If you can’t deny access, the only remaining option is to defend yourself- by whatever means possible. Almost anything can be used as a weapon, so the task at hand is to evaluate available options before an incident occurs.


Police departments across the nation now offer classes in “Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events” (CRASE). Much of the information presented in these classes was developed by ALERRT- Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training- a Texas based organization that offers courses for first responders who will potentially deal with an active shooter. The conversation at the link below provides an insight into the material covered in CRASE classes. It’s worth listening to- the information may save your life.

Here is the audio of the radio conversation:

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