ACB, Amy Coney Barrett, Confirmed to the Supreme Court 52-48

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ACB, Amy Coney Barrett was confirmed to the Supreme Court as an Associate Justice on October 26, 2020 by a vote of 52-48. No Democrats voted for her, and all but one Republican did. As a true Conservative, she promises to be a strong advocate for the Constitution that has been sorely needed in some of the cases before the court. Justice Clarence Thomas is set to swear her in.

“This is one of the most brilliant, admired, and well-qualified nominees in our lifetime. By any objective standard, colleagues, Judge Barretts deserves to be confirmed to the Supreme Court.” Senator Mitch McConnell

Justice Amy Barrett’s first case could well be deciding the winner of the Presidential Election. Democrats are having a fit.

The Epoch Times reported,

The full Senate, who worked through a rare weekend session, voted 52-48 largely along party lines to confirm Barrett as an associate justice on the Supreme Court. Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) was the sole Republican to join all Democrats in voting against the nominee after Alaskan Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) indicated over the weekend she would vote “yes” to confirm.

Her confirmation followed a 30-hour debate on the upper house floor that began on Oct. 25 after the nomination cleared a procedural hurdle, also largely on party lines, to limit debate…

…Barrett’s confirmation marks the end of a partisan battle to shape the future of the nation’s top court, which is now expected to have a solid conservative lean for years to come. During her confirmation hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Barrett sought to present herself as a neutral and independent jurist.

She was asked for her views on a range of issues such as abortion, the ACA, climate change, and voting rights but was prudent in avoiding to express her opinions, invoking precedents and canons on judicial conduct instead.

Calm, poised, Amy Coney Barrett stood firmly against the rancor that marred Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s hearing. When they asked her what was on her note pad, she held up a blank one. She answered the questions without written notes, remembering everything she had written in rulings on the 7th Circuit Court.

People protested loudly outside the Senate building. They claimed she would overturn Roe v Wade (we can only hope) but in fact, one justice will not be the deciding factor in such a case. The entire Conservative majority would have to vote to do that, and we are aware that Justice Roberts is a complete wild card these days.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out. If the Democrats attempt to either 1) set term limits on the Justices or 2) pack the court with 12 justices, we’ll hope to block them at every turn. Vote next week like your life depended on it- because it does.

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