Above and Beyond – Police Officer Volunteers to Donate Kidney to Child

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Wisconsin – Jackson Arneson, age 8, needed a kidney transplant after his renal function continued to decline. When doctors told his mom that a deceased donor might not be the best match for him, Kristi Goll made a Facebook post about his need. The donor needed to be an O+ healthy person. That’s when Milton police officer Lindsey Bittorf learned about the post…and immediately she knew it was her. The surgery to give Jackson one of her kidneys will be in June.

Social media saves a life

The post was shared 1,500 times and had 333 comments. A friend of the family shared the post, and Lindsey, who is also married to a police officer, responded to it. There were 50 people who responded to the call for a kidney, but after testing, Beth Spaight, a transplant nurse coordinator at the University of Wisconsin Health Transplant Facility notified them that Lindsey was the best match.

“I wanted to be Jackson’s donor. It was an awesome day when Beth confirmed we were a good match…All along I knew this was fate.” Lindsey Bittorf

And it may indeed have been that, as Lindsey learned that there were distant links to Kristi’s family.

Lindsey and her husband, Ryan, showed up at the family’s home to let them know the search for a donor was over.  Jackson saw the patch on Lindsey’s uniform.

“Mom, I think there’s a Boy Scout at the door.” Jackson

Well, maybe not a Boy Scout…

“I’m so happy just thinking about Jackson’s future, and all the things he’ll be able to experience after this transplant. Lindsey is a beautiful person for giving him his future.” Kristi Goll

For her part, Lindsey gave Jackson a plaque that read:

Jackson, I took an oath to serve and protect my community. My kidney will now be able to serve and protect you! I am your kidney donor.”

Jackson believes his new kidney will make him “run faster.” He’s probably right.

Featured Photo: original by Gutzman Photography

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