Abandoned Marine – Not Alone in Death as Hundreds Attend Funeral

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Abandoned Marine Glenn Shelton was 68 years old when he passed into eternity on November 26, 2017. But since he had no known family, the people at the funeral home were concerned that no one would be at his memorial service. So they set out to see if there were service members who would attend. They were pleasantly surprised at the responses.

Glenn served in the Marine Corps during the Vietnam War and was the recipient of a Purple Heart. But no family members could be found.

During their service, Military members have camaraderie, friends who “have their backs” and some even stay in touch even after their service is complete. Mr. Shelton apparently had no one, no friends, no wife, no children. It was a quandary for the Indiana Funeral Care. No one even knew how he got to Indiana. They only knew he came from Louisville, Kentucky.

Indiana Funeral Care worked on social media to find people to attend the memorial service, and to everyone’s amazement, their posted request brought so many attendees that they had to move to the Allisonville Christian Church – a bigger venue.

Each person that attended received a dog tag engraved with Mr Shelton’s name and service.

The VFW, the Marine Corps League, Combat Veteran Riders, Marines, other military services, people came from all walks of life. People were even placed in chairs around the periphery of the sanctuary.

Many others posted on his online obituary. These are just a few of the comments:

“Enjoy the afterlife my brother we will all be there someday. I will be there to salute you.” W. M. Jones

“Thank you so much for your sacrifices and serving this Great country where I can be free because of you. God Bless you and thank you so much for your service.” The Yates Family

“Thank you, sir for your service to our country. I pray you are in the arms of Jesus. Know you are loved and appreciated.” B. Pierson

“Semper Fi Until Valhalla.” B. Jackson

“HAEC AGO UT ALII VIVANT” (So That Others May Live)  A. Williams

He will be laid to rest privately at Indiana Veterans Memorial Cemetery, Madison, Indiana. Rest in Peace, Glenn M. Shelton, may your service not be forgotten. You aren’t an abandoned Marine anymore.

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