Aaron Childress, Marine Veteran, Defends His Family, Ends Up Facing Possible Charges and Gun Confiscated. Where’s the Line?

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Aaron Childress is a US Marine Veteran, known by many at Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children. Last week, while he and his family were out on an errand to Lowes in Wichita, Kansas, a driver cut them off. Aaron honked his horn, and the man pulled over and let them pass. That was the last normal moment in this story.

According to Law Enforcement Today, as soon as they drove on, the man pulled in behind them and followed them to Lowes parking lot. When Aaron’s family exited their vehicle, the man confronted them. Aaron told him to leave. Instead, he continued to advancing toward Aaron and family with his hands out of sight.

Aaron pulled out his pistol and held it at his side, pointed at the ground. As the man came around the vehicle, he saw the gun and backed off and threatened to call police. Aaron did call the police and began gathering witnesses to tell the story of what happened.

But officers who arrived confiscated Aaron’s legally owned gun and told him he might be charged with aggravated assault. [????] The other man claimed to have also had a firearm, but as far as anyone knows, his was not confiscated.

If you thought that was the end of the story, you’d be wrong. Aaron and his family decided to forego the items they originally wanted to buy and left. A few blocks later, who followed them? Exactly, the same man as before. Aaron once again called police, but the man moved on when he stopped to talk to officers.

One man was disarmed by police. The actual instigator of the situation was not. This situation literally set up a potential disaster because officers made some improper assumptions. They did not have probable cause to arrest Aaron for “aggravated assault” because he did not display the weapon in a threatening manner. It doesn’t mean they can’t get a warrant later for something else.

It would be interesting to learn the identity of the road rage suspect. Did he manage to call police seconds before Aaron and give a different narrative while in the Lowes parking lot? If so, why would they believe him over a Marine veteran who had numerous witnesses in his favor?

Kansas is a constitutional carry state- you do not need a permit to open carry or conceal carry a weapon. They also have a stand your ground law. Aaron felt that his family was in danger, and based on the actions of the road rage suspect, they very well could have been in real jeopardy. Where was the line? We hope for their sake this is the end of it and police return his gun.

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  • Gloria Fischer

    I don’t know where to begin. I’ve had a similar incident, but no weapons envolved in Atlantic City. The SOB tried to run me off the road! 911 was no help as I was passing from AC to Ventnor to Margate. I guess they expected me to what?! Stop,?!! I gave the police his lisence plate number. And filed a report. The police “lost” the report. I say get a good lawyer and sue him.

  • A. Bustamante

    I think the better but not completely obvious question here is, WHO is the other man? Is he a city official, is he related to an official, does he have friends or family on the police department? Could this be a severe case of nepotism?

  • Clay

    Welcome to my world. I have full video and was arrested for 2 counts of 2nd degree attempted murder. 33 days held unconstitutionally without bail, $90,000.00 later, I was found to have acted in self defense. State is appealing.

    • Dan

      I’ve been there and got the tee shirt also. After I was found not guilty the police Cheif pulled my permit to carry to get revenge for his police department being inept.

  • Nedra

    WPD needs to train their officers better for this type of situation. They put Childress and his family in danger by disarming him and not the instigator. The guy knew Childress was unarmed when he followed them out of the Lowe’s parking lot.

    • mike

      go to council meetings take these bad devils tell police back off?

  • Thor Robinson

    I feel your pain. My wife and I have a conceal and carry license. A methhead pulled a 45 1911 as he sits in his jeep raised it up as my wife is trying to get out of my truck as I am pumping gas. I hear f***you and I look to see him holding a gun out of his window at her. I pull my 357 out and fire one round hitting the threat. He was able to drive off. Evan tho it was all on camera I was just sentenced to 10yrs probation and 9 mountain jail. The guy had 7 time convicted felon and had a warrant for failure to appear for prison. The only thing I had in my past was a speeding ticket. So the sistom loves reoffenders but wants to make a example out of good people. They took all of my guns evan tho I gave them to family members they still demand for them. This law will destroy everything this constitution stands for.

  • William

    A well trained Marine does not need a weapon to kill & destroy.

    • K. R. V.

      That may be true if alone, but with your FAMILY between you and a serious threat? Nonsense! Aim for center mass!

    • John Gibeau

      When the fight is fair. When your opponent is armed, and your family is present, you better be thinking and acting differently.

  • KS Native

    Please post the contact information – was it the Wichita police, or the Leoti county? As a KS native resident, this is scary that the LEOs would be so ineffective, and leave a family so vulnerable. It was stated above, but I suspect there is more to the story – the aggressive driver is himself or related to an official somewhere. There is definitely something shady going on in Wichita.

  • George

    Unfortunate, but it could be argued that Childress pulled his gun too early on what was, as far as he knew at the time, an unarmed man. Not cool. Everything else that went wrong after could have been avoided by following the simple rule of only drawing a lethal weapon when there is no alternative, as a last resort with the intent of shooting. Bringing out a gun in a volatile situation without knowing whether he was going to need it or not only upped the ante by orders of magnitude, but made him look like a gung-ho meance brandishing a deadly weapon to anyone coming late on the scene. As an ex-marine why didn’t he rely on his unarmed training for the initial confrontation?

  • Josh

    I’m not surprised that this happened in Wichita. It’s a liberal bastion that hates anyone willing or able to be self sufficient or proactive in any situation.

    • Uncle Sam

      Absolutely not. The guy was already acting erratic and agitated. Already followed them and pulled over to confront them. Then advanced on a family and a (more than likely large man) with his hands hidden? Most LEO’s would have tased or shot him at the point. Drawing his weapon and holding it at his side was absolutely the right thing to do.

  • Bryan G

    Don’t think for one second, those in control want a “gun free” society. They know they can’t just walk into your house and take you’re firearms. But if you give them the smallest window of opportunity, they will disarm you.

    It’s all part of their plan to disarm educated citizens who understand what being “Free” means.

    -Those who have the ability to defend themselves, will always have freedom.

    -Said an Arizonan

  • Lyndell

    That is law enforcement they are judge and jury because most of them are rookies, that why they have to be investigated after a shooting.

  • MARK

    What kind of bumper stickers did he have on his car to lead this guy to bait him. An that’s exactly what it was..

  • Scott

    I am a veteran and had quite a similar inicdent several years ago. My family and I were driving to celebrate our oldest boys 5 the birthday. As we drove down the road a woman Rammed our car twice, as I look back she’s pointing a gun at us. With my son,wife and myself in the car I immediately reacted to contact, pulling a .38 SPC back at her and fired a round into the road to ward her off. Our assailant drove off and ditched her gun, later calling the police stating she was In a drive by shooting, then altering her story to”I was car jacking ” her, to yet another story of how we intiated the incident to rob her and multiple other stories. Days later my wife and I were thrown to the ground with guns stuck to our faces as we walked out of a hobby shop shopping for Xmas decorations. My wife was pregnant at the time and niether of us were resisting or arguing,being aggressive or violent etc. Yet both are lives were repeatedly verbally threatened by the officers, ” if you fucking move I’ll shoot you in the face”. By officers of course I mean, the 12 tact out and hidden “law enforcement officers” .I was arrested and went to jail, stayed in jail for two weeks with no calls,lawyers visits or explanation of why I’d been detained or my charges. I faced 18.5 years of federal prison for two charges; aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and discharge of a weapon within or into the city limits. After fighting the charges both with a public defender and an extremely expensive private lawyer that did nothing but collect his check, I was then offered one last “plea bargain” to “confess and get reduced sentence”. Knowing I had my family and more on the way, I folded and plead guilty. I was sentenced to 4 yrs probation,$7,000.00 restitution to our assailant, immediately loss of my firearms and rights to own firearms, 6mths jail, all kinds of legal “fines” ,required to participate in a multitude of therapies and counseling etc. Our assailant was found through misc sources throughout the proceedings to have a history of violence against men, specifically spouses,a 7year history or mental instability,was an “actress” by profession and knew a cop that helped her find our home and personal information. It was man vs woman and extremely trained former infantryman vs professional liar. I lost because I was honest thru everything,never withheld information and provided proof of everything I possibly could. There were even a multitude of letters from friends,family and fellow soldiers whom which of served my multiple years of service with. In the end,I’m now a registered felon,have mental diagnoses and have lost a massive amount of money to it all.

    • Donna

      OPEN CARRY… don’t assume brandishing in the air!
      Open Carry! Everyone is claiming f$%^ing victim , because they “SEE” A gun! That doesn’t mean someone should be charged with aggrevated assault. This legal system sucks!!

  • Tony

    Where’s the police report, first place to start and YES get an Attorney!

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