AAFES First Removes High Capacity Magazines, Then Puts Them Back

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At the beginning of March, AAFES – the Army and Air Force Exchange Service- stopped selling any high capacity gun magazines with the capability of firing over 11 rounds. As of this week, they are putting them back, after their customers complained (loudly).

Why they did it in the first place is a mystery, since their customer base is entirely military and retired military. Here are some of the comments after they stopped selling them:

“I’m currently deployed with 30-round PMAGs that I purchased at the PX, why don’t you trust us anymore?”  

Realigned!!! 😂🤣😂🤣😂 Realigned with the Marine Corps!!!! 😂🤣😂🤣😂 The thing AAFES has “realigned” with is the liberal push to strip our constitutional rights! AAFES doesn’t have the needs of Soldiers in their values.” [note: Marine Corps MCX stores do not sell high capacity magazines unless they come boxed from the manufacturer with purchased guns, and only in states that allow them. Reminder: Nikolas Gruz did not use a high capacity magazine when he killed 17 people at the Parkland shooting.]

 “AAFES is a fraud. They have shown their true colors.”

“I have a phone, but could use a few more standard size 30 round PMAGS…”

“So you sell thing that can cause cancer but you won’t sell high capacity magazines?”

“How about 20% off of high capacity magazines, or did you already get enough of diminishing the Second Amendment from those who defend it?”

In short, their customers were exceedingly ticked off. They purchase the magazines from AAFES in addition to the ones they are issued.

Military Times reported,

Paul Andersen, a retired Army captain who was a military policeman, on Monday praised AAFES CEO Tom Shull for reversing the policy.

“AAFES customers are active duty members, reservists and retirees. Thankfully he listened to his customers,” Andersen said, noting that the 49th Military Police Alumni Association sent numerous emails to Shull about the issue over the last week.

“If it were up to me, to give up my gun to save a child’s life, I’d be the first to do it. I would do anything to save a child’s life,”Andersen said. 

“But this ill-conceived, knee-jerk reaction to take away all high-capacity magazines doesn’t solve anything. It has no real results. We need to come up with a long-term solution.”

The CEO of AAFES, Thomas Shull, listened to his customers and began returning the magazines to the shelves as of this week.


  • Cap

    Uh, not sure how to respond to this article. For starters, how about SAVING a childs life by HAVING a decent size magazine. What about the unsung news of so many people who have been saved by guns. Sounds like Schull was drinking the cool-aid.

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