A Marine Veteran Detained with his Family in Mexico is back home

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A Marine veteran detained after crossing into Mexico accidentally with guns and ammunition in his vehicle is back home today. Wait, haven’t you heard this story before? No, not this time. Jeromie Slaughter, 38, went deer hunting with his two children, took a wrong turn, and was detained by Mexican authorities. He was released and is back in the U.S..

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1st Sergeant Jeromie Slaughter (ret) -LinkedIn Photo

One wrong turn

Texas  resident Jeromie Slaughter, a decorated Marine First Sergeant who retired last year, had his two young children – 14 and 9,  with him in his vehicle when they headed off to a deer lease near Rock Springs, Texas. Slaughter is a bronze star recipient, and served several tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“They ate Thanksgiving dinner and they were leaving here to go hunting in Del Rio at their cousin’s ranch.” Beverly McKinney, Jeromie’s mother.

Only he had never been to that property before, and got lost on the way. By the time he realized he’d missed the turn, there was no way to get back and he had to cross into Cuidad Acuna, Mexico.

Fast detainment

Shortly after the crossing, Mexican authorities detained Jeromie and his family, searched the car, and took the weapons, stating that he did not have the “proper permits” to for them. He was in possession of three hunting rifles and ammunition.

His mother got a phone call at 3 a.m. asking her to call her son. She didn’t check the messages until 7 a.m.

“You know I waited for those kind of calls when he was in the military, not to go hunting.” Beverly McKinney

Political resolution

On Friday, Mexican authorities granted permission for the maternal grandmother of the children to come and pick them up.

Mexican authorities told the family that they wanted money- cold, hard cash, to get him out. McKinney said “anywhere from $1,000 to $25,000.”

The assistant secretary of state for Mexico and the U.S. ambassador to Mexico were made aware of the situation, and worked to come up with a resolution.

Today, Jeromie is back on U.S. soil. It is unclear whether his guns were returned.

Why is it?

We wonder: why is it that Mexico can snag lost Americans in seconds, but can’t seem to stop illegal Mexican immigrants from crossing into the United States? Just a thought.

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