99 Year Old WWII Veteran’s Birthday Goes Viral

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A few of WWII Veteran Jack Hardy’s friends posted about his 99th birthday, which was December 19th, on social media. While he may have received only a few cards last year, this year his take numbered in the thousands! People from all over the world decided to say “thank you for your service” and send him well-wishes.

And not only did he get Birthday cards, he got visits from soldiers at Fort Lewis, who delivered a medal from a Colonel who read about his birthday online.

Posted by the Washington County Sheriff’s Office on Facebook

The friends who posted about his birthday encouraged people to send him cards. So cards he got. And visits. And a video. He ended up with the world at his mailbox!

KOIN reported,

These were the same posts that brought in cards and messages from places like Belgium and Switzerland. Hardy even got a YouTube greeting from a school in New York.

All of this was done for the 99-year-old birthday boy who boasts about his two younger sisters (also in their 90s).

“All three of us still have our marbles,” he said laughing.

The video sent by Public School 229 in Queens, had the entire class singing Happy Birthday to Jack, complete with a banner.

The Greatest Generation

We must celebrate them as we can, as we are losing the Greatest Generation at an alarming rate.  We lose hundreds every day. There are reportedly less than a 900,000 left of the 16 million who served our nation during WWII, according to the National WWII Museum.

Not everyone served in combat. Many stayed behind and protected our shores, as in the “coastal defenses” where Jack served. It may not sound as “glorious,” but it was an absolute necessity. Every person who served in some capacity in WWII deserves our honor and respect for helping to defend the United States of America.

Happy Birthday, Jack!

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