97 year old WWII Veteran Keeps on Running

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Lebanon, Pennsylvania – World War II veteran Albert Booth has been running for 38 years. From marathons to shorter weekly runs, he simply doesn’t stop. His discipline to stay in shape has inspired other runners as well. But he’s not just any runner, he’s 97 years young.

“When I was a teenager I played a lot of soccer. Most people believe I’m in my 70s. Even the people at the VA [Veteran’s Affairs] don’t believe it.” Albert Booth

Albert retired in the 1970s from Fort Indiantown Gap in Pennsylvania in the controller’s office.

Albert has completed 4 marathons since his first race on May 27, 1978. He keeps a meticulous log of every race, the date, time, weather conditions… he’s disciplined there too.

Albert works out every day, and from the stationary bike to the treadmill, he simply doesn’t give up. He tries to run weekly in various races. He recently completed a 5k race in Lebanon, PA. Last year he completed a local Give Thanks charity 5k race in just over an hour, which amazed everyone.

As other veterans struggle with the VA, Albert seems to have amazed them.

“The doctor out at the VA hospital says, ‘Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it.’” Albert Booth

And he plans to stick with it. He loves the camaraderie, and meeting new people at the races.

Albert seems to have tapped into the secret of health- staying positive and enjoying life. Find something you like to do and do it with all your might. That and obviously great genetics has helped this veteran keep going strong.

Do you have Albert’s kind of discipline? Doing his kind of work out day after day is a feat of major proportions for a person who is 97.  But it’s safe to say he’s already taken care of his New Year’s Resolutions, and has for 38 years.

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