9 year old Missouri boy thwarts attempted abduction of girl

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Gladstone, MO – Luke Larson, a 9 year old Missouri boy,  saved his 7 year old female friend when a man tried to attack the  girl as they cut through a park.

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A hero 9 year old

Flora Park was a shortcut to summer school for Luke Larson and his 7 year old friend.  But as they walked through it, a black man wearing a green shirt and black pants suddenly grabbed the girl from behind.

She kicked and  screamed for help, and Luke immediately  ran toward them. He grabbed her hand, and pulled her back, forcing the man to let her go.

“I started running down toward them. He tried to grab her again, then he realized I was coming down and he ran back into the woods… I felt upset and I felt mad because someone doing that to my friend, that’s not really safe.” Luke Larson


Luke Larson talks to reports about the incident

Police have increased patrols in the area, but are advising children not to take shortcuts, and to walk in groups.

“We tell kids that if they are approached by a stranger, grabbed by a stranger, to make noise to fight back.” Captain Jeff Self, Gladstone Police

Incidents like this one are all too common in some areas of the country. Teaching a child how to respond to them is imperative. Luke- and his friend-  did the right thing in this situation – she fought back and made noise, and his instant action likely saved her life. He is a hero- although he is proud of himself for his actions,  he says he was just “helping others.”

Dangers to children

Law Enforcement reminds  parents to talk to your children about the dangers of speaking with strangers or taking shortcuts through wooded or secluded areas. Some examples:

__ An adult doesn’t need to ask a child for directions, so if one approaches your child, either on foot or in a vehicle, don’t talk to them and move away quickly.

___A child should not believe someone who says they’ve lost their dog and may be carrying a leash in one hand. And a stranger who wants to show your child his nice puppy could turn deadly.

___Make sure your children know how to call 911, and their personal address information as well as learning how to tell where they are at any given moment.

There is more information at this website on “stranger danger.”


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