8 Mississippi Officials Saying Goodbye to Democrats, Independents

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The handwriting on the wall for some Mississippi officials (Yallpolitics) came with Bernie Sanders taking the lead in the Democrat party and watching the party slide ever leftward. Six former Democrats and 2 former Independents joined the GOP due to their “values” being closer to the Republicans than the current crop of Democrats.

In the past, Mississippi had a large contingent of conservative or “Blue Dog” Democrats. Things have changed with the Democrats increasingly moving left.

“There are conservatives Democrats all across the state of Mississippi and there was once upon a time when the conservative Democrats controlled this state. It’s a new day in Mississippi and I believe the Republican party is growing and there’s a place in the Republican party for people like me.” Matt Sullivan, District Attorney for the Thirteenth Circuit Court District (Daily Wire)

Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves joined with other officials to welcome the new members to the Republican party.

“The Mississippi Republican Party is the Party that is building success for Mississippi by grounding government in the principles of liberty. These men and women on the frontlines of local government understand that and know a brighter future cannot be achieved by less freedom and more government.  I’m pleased to welcome them to the MSGOP and look forward to their continued service to their fellow Mississippians.” Gov Tate Reeves

The announcements were made on Monday at the Mississippi GOP headquarters in Jackson.

The former Democrats joining the GOP are:

Matt Sullivan, District Attorney for the Thirteenth Circuit Court District; Cindy Austin, Chancery Clerk; Anthony Grayson, Circuit Clerk; Mary Lou Powell, Tax Assessor-Collector; Danny Arender, Beat 4 Supervisor, and Hulon West, Justice Court Judge for the Southern District of Smith County.

Former Independents also joining the GOP are: Guy Easterling, Chancery Clerk, and Bobby Wayne Mooney, Justice Court Judge for the Northern District of Covington County.
“Every year, the Democratic Party moves further to the left and away from the values of Mississippians. The Republican Party is the home for conservatives who believe in the principles of limited government and individual freedom. Today, I am excited to welcome more elected officials to our growing Party.” Congressman Michael Guest
What does this mean? If these Mississippi officials are actually “blue dog” Democrats,  their state will benefit greatly from a united Republican force in the legislature there. One of the things we all need to watch for is fake conservatives (also known as RINOs) who might vote against small government while calling themselves Republicans.
Hopefully these new “converts” will help the Mississippi Republican party move forward toward liberty. This video is the press conference welcoming the new party members.

Featured photo: screenshot of press conference in Jackson, MS


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