75 Year Old Milwaukee Resident Shoots Robber

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Wisconsin – Milwaukee resident Henry Bell, 75, and his mother Hazel Kendrix, 95 were almost the victims of a robbery on Wednesday evening. MR. Bell was at his residence when two people accosted him, and the male said “Hand me the money.” He stated that at least one of the persons who accosted him was armed.

“I just kept on walking and then I heard a gun snap twice.” Henry Bell

Inside the residence, his mother usually waits by the door with a gun because her son has been robbed in the area before. This time the arthritis in her hand wouldn’t allow her to shoot the weapon.

Henry got away from the robbers and ran to his residence where his mother handed the gun to him. He shot the female. She died at the scene. She was identified as Shaneka Goldsmith.

“I shot a couple of times, but was not trying to hit anybody. I was just trying to move the people.To make sure they knew I meant business, but I was not trying to hit anybody.” Henry

Mr. Bell was briefly detained by police after the shooting, but was released. He stated he’d “never been locked up” before. He says he still feels bad, and tears come to his eyes reardin the incident.

“The first time you blow someone away is not an insignificant event.” James Mattis

Mr. Bell is suffering from that difficulty at this time.

Fox6 reported,

Not only was Bell consumed with grief, he was filled with questions that may never be answered.

“We haven’t robbed or taken anything from anybody. Why would they want to take something from us?” said Bell.

Answer? There are just some evil people in the world who don’t care whether they steal from others. Especially the elderly, who are more often than not vulnerable. Mr. Bell made himself not vulnerable – and that’s a good thing. That he is upset over having to kill shows that he is a decent human being.

It is unclear whether Bell will be charged for shooting the woman.


Featured photo: Henry Bell after he was detained by police

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