5B – Beards, Bullets, Booze, Bacon, and Babes

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5B – Beards, Bacon, Bullets, Booze, and Babes

All five B’s, not necessarily in that order. These politically incorrect veterans and active military have “MMA fighters, UFC, Vikings, and Warfighters” among them, and they aren’t going to apologize for any of it.


They describe themselves as a lifestyle:

5B is a lifestyle. It’s about freedom, and about what makes men manly. It’s not politically correct, it’s not nice, it’s not fluffy, and it’s not good for you.

It’s visceral, bloody, hard work, and it hurts. It’s what has made boys into warriors, and young men into heros [sic].

It’s built nations and leveled civilizations.

5B… it’s a way of life that we are building one laugh at a time. We promote and build other veteran and patriot owned companies through global marketing and media.

Embrace the Bravo!

Their page hit 100,000 likes the other day, which further fueled their endearing madness …and perhaps testosterone.

“Have fun with it”

These manly men get about 300 messages a day – many of them from liberals or just plain haters with no better sense than to try to elicit an apology from the 5B team.  Not going to happen.

Their philosophy is  “not to get mad on Facebook, but to have fun with it.”

We snagged a couple of their posts (with permission) with the idiotic things people have said to them.





They also had messages from a person who complained about their use of profanity because their son looked at their page. Humor is very healing. It appears that the person they were dealing with could have used a little humor to sand off those lumps of liberal slime on her thought process.






Short break here while they discuss whose breath stinks and how this person doesn’t monitor their child’s social media  activity. Then there was THIS blinding revelation:


The men of 5B “have fun” with their haters, and describe themselves as entertainers. And they appear to have many who are not as fond of them as we are, which means they frequently get to exercise their jabbing skills. Like the thrust and parry of a skilled fencing match, they are quite good at what they do.

If you can’t laugh at yourself, you are far too serious, and headed for an  ulcer. Or a heart attack. So laugh, for crying out loud!

We’re happy to meet them…5B rocks! Their Facebook page is here, and their website is here. Enjoy.

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