5 Steps to Fixing America

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5 Steps to Fixing America
#1) Put every Politician & Appointee – all Congressmen, the Supreme Court, Department Heads, Ambassadors, AND the President – on a SOLDIER’S pay.
#2) Create offices for Congressmen on the FRONT LINES and rotate them there with our Armed Forces as to ensure they have the best possible vantage to witness the nature of each deployment (or battle).  Three months per year, for every year that they are in office, should do the trick.
The Commander-in-Chief should have some military experience, but if not… then he or she should do the same between the time of election until the time of inauguration. This will see them miss the holidays with their family prior to taking office, and will add some much-needed perspective to all of their future commands.
We can move the inauguration date to sometime in March or April to ensure that a full three months is lived like a soldier BEFORE the ascension to the office (and the prerequisite planning and briefings take place).
#3) Ensure that they are all held to every single law that they pass on to us.  Current laws that members of Congress are NOT beholden to include #1) OBAMACARE (Which was really created by Representative Pelosi, NOT Obama. But it doesn’t matter… they have their OWN healthcare insurance and it’s the best in the known universe!!!)
INSIDER TRADING (Have you ever wondered WHY these people go to Washington RICH… but always come home WEALTHY?  Because they get the best stock tips and are intimately involved with passing laws that – quite literally – CHANGE THE PLAYING FIELD for companies and countries on a daily basis… AND YET… it is NOT illegal for them to act – or INVEST – based on the information that they have a hand in creating.)
What Martha Stewart did – and went to PRISON for – is NOTHING compared to what these elected criminals have been getting away with for over a century!!!
#4) Attach a JAIL or PRISON TERM to every instance of an elected or appointed official either lying, stealing or otherwise abusing their office. This would include GIFTS, TRIPS, “STEALING TIME” from the American People through blending personal affairs or campaign affairs with their sworn duties.
Attach a  DEATH PENALTY to TREASONOUS ACTS… and then give the press MILLIONS OF DOLLARS in bonus money incentives for every scandal that they uncover for the American People (that result in convictions).  Any entity that FABRICATES information used to pursue or prosecute a public official… shall be subject to the same sentence as would have been carried out against the public servant if they were actually found guilty.
#5) Institute TERM LIMITS where none currently exist. The 22nd Amendment to the Constitution limits the Presidency to TWO TERMS… this one is fine. But Congress has no such restrictions and these people are the REAL PROBLEM.  Limit members of the House of Representatives (2 year terms) to NO MORE than 6 terms (or 12 years).  Limit members of the Senate (6 year terms) to NO MORE than 2 terms (or 12 years).
***STEP TWO (2): TAXES***
#1) Abolish the current TAX CODE and the I.R.S. along with it.
#2) Institute a FLAT TAX…. because there is NOTHING more fair than all of us paying 10% across the board, regardless of how rich or how poor we may be.
#3) While I haven’t determined a specific number yet… there should also be a FLAT CORPORATE TAX.
#4) All foreign companies that are incorporated OUTSIDE of the United States shall be subject to much higher, and/or complex tax liabilities.  This will give incentive to companies to set up shop HERE and it will also enhance the opportunity for “MADE IN AMERICA” to make a resurgence for the sake of our workforce and our economy.
#5) All TAX EXEMPTIONS for RELIGIOUS and EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS shall be upheld EXCEPT for those connected to OWNERSHIP OF PROPERTY.  TAXATION on Real Estate shall be at the normal tax rate and assessment of the county or municipality where any such Real Estate is located.

Did you know that, here in the United States, less than 60% of Registered Voters actually voted in 2012?  If you take into account things like Obama winning 115% of certain counties (a feat ONLY achievable through FRAUD)… then it would take very little brain power to ascertain that WE HAVE A PROBLEM!!


All of this plays to the fact that VOTING IS IMPORTANT!! But did you also know… that VOTING is NOT a RIGHT that is granted by our Constitution?  Go look it up… I’ll wait.

The cold, hard fact is this… we have too many people in our population who draw their income and benefits from the government WITHOUT contributing to it.

As a “FOR INSTANCE”… did you know that there are over 1 Million people in the State of Rhode Island?  Actually there are 1,050,292… as of the last census count.  The Providence Civic Center (now named after a DONUT) has the capacity to hold 12,400 people.  Well… if you put a Rhode Islander in every one of those 12,400 seats… THAT NUMBER would represent the number of people who actually PAY over 50% OF THE CURRENT TAXES to support the remaining 1,037,792 citizens of the State!!!  That is ridiculous!!

We are upside down as a nation… and the only way to “RIGHT” the ship… is to be extreme yet logical… so… here is the plan…

how to fix america
#1) VOTING SHALL BE RESTRICTED TO LEGAL CITIZENS ONLY!! Do I REALLY have to say this?  Don’t worry… keep reading… we’re going to improve things even more with the next set of items…
#2) VOTING SHALL FURTHER BE RESTRICTED TO PROPERTY OWNERS ONLY – with the only exception being MEMBERS OF THE MILITARY (while currently in service).  To some, this might sound OUTRAGEOUS! But think about it.
Property owners bear the burden of local property taxes… and it is from their money that all services are funded… so THEY SHOULD be the ones deciding on funding and elections because that is the only pool of people who are likely to be INVESTED enough to pay attention.  For the record… I am currently a RENTER… so I am NOT an ELITIST by suggesting this.
The reality is that this will have the long term effect of encouraging people to actually PLANT ROOTS in their community, by LITERALLY investing in it for the long haul.  And POLITICIANS will then be FORCED to figure out how to help their non-voting constituents earn enough money for them to BECOME VOTERS… which is a pretty decent side-effect!!  More good jobs will mean more potential voters… who are invested in their neighborhood and who will strongly VALUE their RIGHT to VOTE!!
#3) VOTING SHALL BE TIED TO YOUR TAX RETURNS. Once you have filed your tax returns… and paid your 10% in full… you shall be issued a VOTER ID CARD, to be used in conjunction with your State-Issued Identification or Drivers License.  That’s right… NO VOTING if you don’t pay your taxes!!! After all… why should YOU tell the rest of us how to spend OUR money?
#4) COMPULSORY VOTING FOR THOSE WHO ARE ELIGIBLE. If you are eligible to vote, but choose not to… you will be subject to fines, loss of passport and other motivating penalties that will make VOTING the only logical thing for you to do.
#5) VOTER FRAUD OF ANY SORT SHALL COME WITH A MANDATORY MINIMUM ONE YEAR PRISON TERM. Whether you participate as the “VOTER” or if you are somehow manipulating the process as a POLL WORKER, LOCAL POLITICIAN, APPOINTEE, MUNICIPAL WORKER, CONSTRUCTION WORKER OR CANDIDATE!! If you’re involved… it’s lights out at 9PM every night in a 6×10 room.
#6) Let’s dump the electoral college – eliminating the middle man – and go to popular vote, so that every person who is eligible to vote gets their vote counted.
#1) We will NO LONGER finance overseas efforts of a military nature until the entire BORDER of the UNITED STATES is 100% SECURED by the standards of the STATES that those borders exist within – **AND** by the standard that the 4 closest neighboring States demand, regardless if those neighboring states are international border States or not.
This will create a panel of 5 States per each State Border… to ensure a diligent and thorough regular examination of the security and practices of keeping our nation safe from Illegal Invaders of all national origins.
#2) FOREIGN STUDENT VISAS will no longer be issued to anyone over the age of 26.

#3) Whereas in the past… when an instance of budget cuts (like sequestration) or an overpopulation in our prisons might constitute the release of Criminal Illegal Immigrants to relieve the fiscal burden… INSTEAD… LEGAL U.S. CITIZENS who are incarcerated, and near the end of their sentence shall be given an early release OVER and BEFORE any incarcerated Illegal Alien.

This is in direct response to the more than 2,000 Illegals that were recently released due to “budget cuts”. It should be noted that over 600 of those men were extremely violent offenders, and MANY of them are now receiving government aid – at YOUR expense. This is not acceptable.

This will compliment E-Verify nicely… as employers will begin going out of their way to make sure that they are compliant… and it will also bolster the job market for LEGAL IMMIGRANTS and NATURAL BORN CITIZENS!!
#5) ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS SHALL HAVE NO RIGHTS ON PAR WITH A LEGAL IMMIGRANT OR CITIZEN. They shall receive NO public assistance, NO translators in court, NO privilege of due process, NO reductions in sentence and NO welcome mat whatsoever.
#1) America is upside down in its definition of “hate speech” at this point in time. Ordinary Americans who want to express their opinion against those who want to kill us are immediately shut down and labelled as “domestic terrorists” or “Islamophobes.” But if we removed the tax exemption of cults that promote the killing  of “non-believers” we might be able to weed out some of these fools.
We need to be able to differentiate between true “religions” and cults like the Westboro Baptist Church, that pickets the funerals of soldiers with signs that say “God hates fags,”or Jeremiah Wright’s Trinity United Church of Christ that spews anti-white hate from their pulpit.
It could surely help us put a dent in the cult that promotes KILLING of “non-believers, beating women, punishing rape VICTIMS and even selling their daughters at 12-years old”… of course I am referring to ISLAM. If you have read the Qu’ran… as I have… you will note that over 60% of it is dedicated towards how best to deal with (and bring harm to) “NON-BELIEVERS.”
 It is NOT a religion to begin with… it is a POLITICAL MOVEMENT that is masquerading as a religion.  We can no longer be in the business of allowing our enemies to operate so easily on our soil.
#2) Our Forefathers fought for Freedom OF Religion... not Freedom FROM religion. Anyone who chooses to exercise their right to pray or worship God in a public place – shall not be infringed from doing so, as long as they are not impeding the public safety or interfering with another citizens peaceful enjoyment of public property.
BY IMPLEMENTING THESE FIVE NOT-SO-EASY STEPS…. we will see a resurgence in the integrity of our elected officials… we will see economic growth and actually keep MORE of our hard-earned money… we will enhance the privilege of voting by making it mean something before we can earn it… we will have increased national security, with our Armed Forces truly fighting for their country WHERE THEY BELONG.
We will enhance positive fellowship among all citizens while shifting our “zero-tolerance” quotient away from where it’s been and by remembering that praising GOD is a good thing (and NOT something to be punished over).  After all… it doesn’t hurt anyone when good words are shared.  And we need it now, more than ever!!
God Bless YOU for reading this… God Bless YOUR FAMILY in all challenges that they may face on a daily basis… and GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!

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