4th Marine Aviation Commander Fired

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Lt. Col. Wade Workman has commanded the Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 232 since January 2016.  He has been relieved of command, and becomes the 4th commander of a Marine Aviation squadron to be relieved in 2016. Major Gen. Mark Wise, commander of the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing, chose to fire Workman based on “loss of trust and confidence” in his ability to serve as squadron commander.

So what is going on with the Marine Aviation Squadrons? Four commanders fired in one year is extreme, even with the climate created by the Obama Administration.

A spokesman for the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing, Capt Kurt Stahl, stated that the decision had nothing to do with the recent mishaps of F/A-18C fighters or misconduct.

“The decision to relieve Lt. Col. Workman was unrelated to recent mishaps. This decision was based on issues concerning command climate within the squadron…There was an unhealthy command climate that negatively impacted trust within the unit that is critical to effective operations.” Capt Stahl

We have heard that before- in several of the previous command firings: issues concerning command climate. An “unhealthy command climate” or “performance.”

Lt. Col. Michael Hernandez, Marine Logistics Squadron 11 was relieved of command, with USMC stating that it was not through misconduct, but strictly “performance.”

Lt.Col. Armando Gonzalez, Marine Wing Support Squadron 371. He was fired after saying Marine things like, “you’ve got to crush their nuts” – He was said to be creating a “hostile work environment.”

Lt. Col. Edward Pavelka, Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron 463. He was relieved of command just 2 days before the collision of 2 Super Stallion helicopters off the coast of Hawaii. The morale of the squadron was said to be extremely low after he was relieved of command.

As we’ve previously reported numerous times, the Marine Aviation squadrons are operating under extreme circumstances due to budget cuts. Lack of training hours, aircraft that can’t fly, lack of parts, all are weighing on commanders and the men to have some modicum of readiness.

Just like financial problems can create domestic issues within families, they can also affect Military issues. Whether it’s the commanders who were fired to blame, the General in charge, or the men themselves, budgets can drag morale of all into the basement. And that can affect readiness on so many levels.

It’s about time someone turned that around, don’t you think?

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