3 year old’s fart blaster confiscated as security risk

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It’s the Minion Fart Blaster. And Dublin Airport Security says it’s well, a ‘security risk’ because a) it has a trigger and b) when you pull the trigger it makes “rude” noises. Many of the people on airplanes make “rude noises” and they don’t have any toy guns. But boy do some of them have a “trigger.”

 fart blaster

The Minion Fart Blaster

3 year old’s hard lesson

Leo Fitzpatrick, 3, was traveling with his family on Saturday, when Dublin’s airport officer confiscated his “Minion Fart Blaster” because it was on the “prohibited items list.”

The security person asked his mother Daire to open the backpack because the gun was visible on the  X-ray. Inside, Leo’s fart blaster was clearly seen and then clearly confiscated. The toddler was highly unhappy.

“He was devastated. He is very well behaved and very polite, and he said ‘of course’ and left it but he is very upset and doesn’t understand why he’s sharing his toy with the man… 

It was such a shame. If you look at it it’s just ridiculous it could be considered a weapon. I mean, would you shake with fear if I pointed a Minions Fart Blaster at you? …

It just looks like a megaphone – it doesn’t look like a gun. I said to the man it can’t be construed as a weapon and he said ‘I know, but the button looks slightly trigger-like.'” Daire Fitzpatrick

“Looks slightly trigger like?”

Dublin security stated that would hold on to the Minion toy and the woman could collect it later.  They issued the following statement:

If passengers are carrying prohibited items they must be surrendered in order to continue on their journey.

While it is unfortunate the Minion toy had to be surrendered it is important to note…[that] we do not make up the security rules but we have to apply them. 

While we apologised to the family for the inconvenience caused we did say that we would hold onto the Minion toy so the family can collect [it].

Is it just me or isn’t a certain amount of “profiling” a better choice in these types of matters. Three years old and his mother is pregnant. Sorry, Leo. Rules are rules. You just can’t have something that looks like a megaphone and sounds like a fart on an airplane.

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