When 3 Green Berets were Killed in Jordan – What Really Happened?

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Back on November 4, we reported on the deaths of American Green Berets in Jordan at King Faisal Air Base. But the story didn’t cover what really happened. An article by Jack Murphy in the Special Operations Forces Report sheds new light on that situation. It’s not a pretty light.

Green Berets Matthew Lewellen, Kevin McEnroe, and James Moriarty and one Jordanian officer were in a vehicle traveling to King Faisal Air Base. Contrary to the news reports, it wasn’t their “refusal to stop” at the checkpoint that caused their deaths. It was a deliberate act of murder by an ISIS infiltrator. And it may have ultimately been the CIA’s fault for ignoring warnings issued by Special Forces.

The FBI claimed there was no “hint” of terrorist activity in the killings. They were wrong. The shooter is being held by Jordanian authorities after being wounded in the subsequent firefight at the base.

CIA’s Timber Sycamore Program

Timber Sycamore is a highly classified weapons supply and training program run by the Central Intelligence Agency. It’s so highly classified that often the base commanders are not read into what is occurring under their noses. It is supported by various Arab nations (Muslims), if that gives you a clue right off that something might be amiss.

The men assigned to work in it are under Title 50- Covert Action, not under Title 10- Military action.

Mr. Murphy reports,

The slaying of three Green Berets comes after years of the Special Forces soldiers assigned to the CIA’s Timber Sycamore program complaining that the moderate rebels they had been sent to train were actually ISIS and al-Nusra infiltrators. The vetting that the CIA does of the rebels is dubious at best, consisting of bio-metric trace searches in old databases which are far from comprehensive. The Special Forces soldiers have repeatedly brought up the fact that the rebels they have to train have also failed their polygraphs and display allegiances to Islamists during interviews. Such concerns have also been expressed by the CIA’s para-military component, called Ground Branch, which have also gone ignored…

Concerns about the so-called moderate rebels have been brought up time and time again by the Special Forces trainers. Even the much lauded and allegedly successful program to arm the rebels with TOW missiles has proved to be a failure. Soon after the the TOWs were delivered, ISIS raided the storage facility where they were kept, the CIA-trained rebels abandoning their own weapons systems. Even the TOWs that remain in moderate FSA (Free Syrian Army) rebel hands end up benefitting the likes of the Al Qaeda affiliated al-Nusra. When a moderate FSA members fires TOW missiles in an offensive and takes new ground, that terrain is quickly ceded to al-Nusra, as moderate opposition groups are too weak to hold it.

The CIA, he reported, routinely “blows off” concerns raised by Special Forces members. They are said to treat their Special Forces members as “expendable assets.”

Matthew Lewellen, Kevin McEnroe, and James Moriarty were not “expendable assets.” They were Americans who deserved to live. Perhaps it’s time for a re-assessment of the CIA.




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