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John Crump is a well known 2A advocate. He is the author of three books, an NRA instructor, Virginia Director of the Gun Owners of America, and his writings can be found in numerous pro-gun media, particularly Ammoland. He is an NRA instructor who stands firmly on the Constitution. He runs a podcast called “Fireside Chats” on Black Swan Media. Those are only a tiny part of the things that make up the John Crump of today.

The Beginning – Saved by the Second Amendment

John told us that when he was a toddler, his Mom heard something at the front door, then the back door. She retrieved her .38¬† snub-nosed revolver and went downstairs to find a man wearing a mask and holding a large knife breaking into their farm home. She told the man that if he took one more step forward she would shoot him. He didn’t believe her. He took that step and she shot him dead.

“If Mom didn’t have that gun, me and my four sisters or my Mom might not be here today.”

His mother had the sense that someone was watching them and called police previously, but since they didn’t find anything, nothing was done. He understands that the snub-nosed .38 revolver probably saved 6 lives that night. Someone breaking into a house while carrying a large knife and wearing a mask wasn’t coming to borrow a cup of sugar. It was the beginning of his journey to 2A advocacy.

From Gun Store Owner to Author, Director

When John owned a gun store in Virginia, he wrote a letter to the editor of Ammoland. But it wasn’t just any letter, it contained actual research with facts and information not generally disseminated in the public. Then he wrote another letter, and another. The Editor of Ammoland not only published his letters, but got together with Ammoland staff and suggested John be hired. He became a journalist for the publication.

Today he spends hours on FOIA requests, and working his sources as an investigative journalist for Ammoland. Some of the information he has turned up in Virginia is not favorable to the Democrat leadership or their push for severe gun control measures.

His writing can also be found at Bearing Arms, The Truth About Guns, The Federalist Papers, and many others. You can read more of his bio at this link. He uses the writing money to pay for his niece’s medical bills. She has a rare form of brain cancer.

John is also the Director of the Virginia Gun Owners of America (GOA), and as such closely monitors what goes on in the state regarding gun control. He believes that the National Firearms Act (NFA) is a violation of the Second Amendment, which is something on which we can all agree.

His first book, “Speaking With Giants,” is about some of the interviews of 2A advocates he has interviewed for Ammoland. Another which will come out at the end of the year is about Virginia’s State Organization for Gun Rights. His 3rd book should come out next summer and is called “Deplatformed.”

Living in America

John Crump believes that every youth in America should visit a third world country to understand why America is the greatest country on earth. He lived in Southeast Asia (Philippines) for a time as a consultant to a telecom company, and remembers vividly that American flags showed up everywhere. The people wanted desperately to come to our country. Their poverty is nothing like American “poverty,” he told us.

“When you see people who are willing to give up everything to come here, you realize that our standard of living is much higher than any third world nation.”

His wife, a doctor, is from Italy, and even her family wants to come here. If America were so “racist” and evil, other nations wouldn’t be wanting to emigrate here.

His part time consulting work for encryption on computers is what pays the bills for his family.


John has interviewed people from musicians to patriots on his own podcast from Black Swan Media called “Fireside Chats.” He told us he likes to take random people and just have a conversation with them. He isn’t one to debate or argue, he just wants to have a conversation – even if his guest doesn’t like him. If they challenge his beliefs, that’s fine too – he is not afraid to learn. But don’t make the mistake of thinking he’s wishy-washy…he is certainly not.

He recently chatted with our own Rick Ferran, “Tank.”

All in all, John Crump is a huge asset to the Second Amendment community. We are in a real battle for our rights, our very way of life.

“Your Second Amendment rights cannot be taken from you, but you can give them away. If you do, then every other right in the Constitution will be lost.” John Crump

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