2017 – Army Col Wil Riggins Awarded $8.4 Million for False Accusations.

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An article in the Western Journal revealed an interesting case that all the women coming out against Judge Kavanaugh might well heed. A jury awarded Army Col Wil Riggins $8.4 Million in punitive damages back in 2017 over a blog post, according to the Washington Post.  Susan Shannon accused him of raping her at West Point just after he was nominated to become a General. The accusation was from 1986, the blog post was in 2013. His career abruptly came to an end.

Accusations do not always translate to truth

Susan Shannon and Wil Riggins were both at West Point in 1986. She entered the academy in 1983, dropped out in 1986. She said that she didn’t tell anyone about her experience, even  in her exit interview, because of the Army’s “code of silence.”

Her allegations surfaced just after he was nominated for General. They pulled the nomination and according to the Daily Mail, “dragged his name through the mud.”

“This journey we’ve been on the last four years, it’s been a nightmare. … The large dollar amount is meaningless. All I was looking for was the opportunity to be vindicated, to set the record straight, to take every action to get my reputation back to where it was before the 15th of July, when she published that false accusation.” Wil Riggins

After the judgment, Shannon took down the posts.

“Frankly the day I started saying his name was the day I started blaming him instead of myself.” Susan Shannon to WJLA.

Col Riggins has been retweeting the court ruling to remind people who are watching the Kavanaugh circus that what we see and hear in these situations may not exactly be the truth. Even the Department of Justice always puts a disclaimer at the end of its arrests that an accusation is not a judgment of guilty and defendants are “innocent until proven guilty.”

But…the Democrats seem to ignore that principle in this case simply because they hate President Trump and want to destroy this nominee “by any means necessary.”

  • Nicole Thomas

    Ive never eh anything about this, however false accusations have ruined more careers than casualities.

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