190 Retired Generals, and over 1000 Rabbis Urge NO to Iran Deal

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Should the United States say ok to a nuclear deal with Iran? No, according to 190 retired Generals/Admirals who sent an open letter to Congress. The letter urged them to say NO to the Iran Deal in a vote which must take place before September 17. The heavy hitting letter was in response to an August 11, letter in which a mere 40 flag officers urged Congress to say yes to the deal. Will it make a difference?

no to iran deal

Letters urging a no vote have outnumbered those for a yes vote regarding the nuclear deal.

No to Iran Deal!

Read the full letter here.

“What I don’t like about this is, the number one leading radical Islamic group in the world is the Iranians. They are purveyors of radical Islam throughout the region and throughout the world. And we are going to enable them to get nuclear weapons. Why would we do that?” Retired Air Force Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney

The letter was initiated by Retired Admiral Leon A. (Bud) Edney, who said the letter from the 40 flag officers  was “weak.” So he started an email campaign that resulted in 190 signatures. He also doesn’t think it will make any impact on Congress.

The Washington Post was quick to point out that a “handful” of the signatories were “involved in public controversies” at some point in their careers.  Was that a slam by the media?

The letter itself is a strong statement against the Obama administration.

“While failing to assure prevention of Iran’s nuclear weapons development capabilities, the agreement provides, by some estimates, $150 Billion or more to Iran in the form of sanctions relief. As military officers, we find it unconscionable that such a windfall should be given to a regime that even the Obama Administration has acknowledged will use to continue to support terrorism in Israel, throughout the Middle East and globally, whether directly or through proxies…” excerpt from General’s letter saying no to Iran Deal

The letter wars

Two different groups of rabbis also sent a letters to Congress – the first group, a 340 person group of liberal rabbis from Israel, urged a yes vote. The next letter, with 1,114 rabbis from America urged a ‘no’ vote. The American rabbis are set to march on Washington as soon as Congress comes back from recess.

“The Iranian regime denies basic human rights to its citizens, publicly calls for America’s downfall and Israel’s annihilation, and openly denies the Holocaust. This dangerous regime—the leading state sponsor of terrorism—could now be given the financial freedom to sow even more violence throughout the world…” Excerpt from the American rabbis letter saying no to Iran Deal

Whether any of these letters will shake the Congress into voting against the deal or not is problematical. But at least we realize that there are 190 retired flag officers who still have some common sense. We may need those warriors one day very soon.

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