11 Yr old Texas girl no easy pickin’s, fights off kidnapper

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Watauga, Texas – An eleven year old north Texan girl is recovering after fighting off a kidnapper who slammed her head into  a car on April 14. A man who was already wanted by the police for a similar incident accosted her as she walked home from school. But he picked the wrong 11 year old. Amber Hewitt has taken Taekwondo.

A “kickass” little girl 

“He was facing this way and I was facing that way. He just like hooked his arm around my neck…He kind of like pushed me into the car, the top of the car.” Amber Hewitt

When he shoved her onto the car, she ended up with a split lip and cracked tooth, but her Taekwondo lessons were not in vain. She started kicking hard, attempting to get away.

“I was kicking and screaming… trying to kick the door open.” Amber Hewitt

 texas girl

James Earl Williams, Sr – Watauga Police photo


The suspect

Police say that a similar incident occurred a month ago only about a half mile away. Amber’s mother,  says her actions likely saved her life. Police are looking for the man who drives a dark sedan. Police said that the man involved in the previous incident did not get out of the car, so in this case the escalation was highly dangerous., and they didn’t know what he would try next.

Police arrested a  Forth Worth man, James Earl Williams, Sr, in the attempted kidnapping. He was charged with Attempted Aggravated Kidnapping and Injury to a Child with Intent to Bodily Injure. His bond was set at $1,250,000 for both charges.


Surveillance photo in the attempted kidnapping- police used it to track down the suspect


No easy pick

“She’s a brave one. He probably thought he got an easy picking. Nope!…If her face hit that car any harder, it would have knocked her out and she wouldn’t be standing here.” Sylvia Chandler, Amber’s mother

Amber’s brother, Michael Chandler, had a harsh message for the would-be kidnapper: “Don’t mess with my family or you’ll be in a body cast.”  

It appears, however, that Amber can take pretty good care of herself. As she grows stronger in her martial arts training, she’ll be the one issuing a “body cast.”

The suspect is being held at North Richland Hills Detention Center.

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