A 10 Ft Trump Wall Has Gone Up…in Calais, France

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Calais, France has been in the news for out of control migrants ever since the European crisis began. Now, one gas station has built a 10 foot wall around the spot to discourage smugglers and migrants from getting on the trucks as they get gas before heading to Britain. In the past, migrants have attacked large trucks trying to get their wares to the UK. The Total gas station built the wall at the behest of the Calais Prefecture to “protect customers, staff and migrants” according to the Daily Mail.

Migrants tend to get into the lorries while they are at the gas station. So the Calais government, on short notice, built the wall to try to stop it.


Screenshot via Daily Mail – setting the concrete for the wall

The ‘charity workers’ say the wall is  “divisive and ugly.”

“This is very political – it aims to show desperate people that they are not welcome here, and that more and more walls and police will be used to keep them out. If you oppose such policies, you can get into a lot of trouble.”  Caroline – a humanitarian worker

According to the Metro UK,

Since November there have been almost 500 people attempt to sneak into Britain after setting sail from northern France. It is a change of tactic from previous years when most people would hide in the back of lorries travelling through the Channel Tunnel and into Kent.

Calais used to be home to ‘The Jungle’, an illegal settlement which, at its height in 2016, housed 8,000 men, women and children. The vast majority, it was said, were wanting to claim asylum in Britain.

There are now around 600 migrants in Calais, mainly men from Afghanistan, Syria and Iran. Refugee organisations have said that migrants from Iran could have more money than those from war-torn countries. Therefore they are more likely to pay smugglers to help them make the crossing across the English Channel by dinghy.

In the past two years, Iranian citizens have made more UK asylum applications than any other nationality, according to the Government.

The British funded side of the border wall went up at the end of 2016. It separated the migrants from the highway that led to the channel tunnel. The “Calais Jungle” had already been dozed by then, with only a few migrants remaining there. The politics of that wall were similar to our own, with people stating that the wall was ‘not compassionate’ and there was ‘no reason’ to keep out the migrants because they were just in need of help.

The 600 men who remain in Calais are from nations with a large population of terrorists. Are they just “migrants” or will they contribute to the danger in both Britain and France?

Featured photo: Twitter screenshot via NordLittoral


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